Proon Productions is a theatrical production company formed by Rebecca Hallworth & Ellis Creez. 

  In 2012 a comedy club in Birmingham commissioned the pair to write a show to entertain a U.K. & International crowd who were gathering to celebrate the wonderful lives of Laurel & Hardy. Shortly afterwards, Rebecca and Ellis were also asked to revive a previous act, in which they played William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway, for a series of events. Both acts proved very popular and more bookings followed - Proon Productions was born. 

  Since then, they have gone on to entertain thousands of people with their style of slapstick comedy, pantomimic humour and audience interaction. 

They have also worked extensively in schools devising and facilitating workshops and creating shows that combine entertainment and education, giving young children a fun and interactive way to learn. 

Over the past few years, Rebecca and Ellis have been busy concentrating on writing, devising and performing in work for numerous professional theatre companies which has taken them all over the UK and beyond. 

Now Proon Productions are delighted to bring their brand new production of HOOT OWL MASTER OF DISGUISE to a venue near you! 


Photographed by Eloise Radziwill at The Gap Festival